Cuff the DukeRiverfest Elora, the town’s annual celebration of community and music, was founded in 2009 by artist Marilyn Koop. In 2011, the festival, which was initially held as a fundraiser on the grounds of the Elora Centre of the Arts, moved across to street to its new home at the picturesque Bissell Park, on the banks of the Grand River. Now in its fifth year, Riverfest Elora has brought an array of musicians to town, including Cuff the Duke (2012), The Wooden Sky (2012), Rawlins Cross (2009), Prairie Oyster (2010), Dala (2010) and Danny Michel (2011), among Zeusothers. Each year, Riverfest Elora musically and artistically transforms Bissell Park and spotlights our town’s thriving artistic culture!

Riverfest Elora founder Marilyn Koop passed away in April 2012. The festival continues for its fifth year in 2013 in her memory.

All Riverfest Elora inquiries can be sent via email to riverfestelora@yahoo.ca. To get the latest updates, you can join the Riverfest mailing list – please send an email to riverfestelora@yahoo.ca

Riverfest through the years -

Riverfest 2009 (inaugural event) – Rawlins Cross, Tony McManus

Riverfest 2010 – Friday night: Dala, Zoe Jansen, Saturday night: Prairie Oyster, House of Doc

Riverfest 2011 – Danny Michel & His Little Band, Kevin Breit

Riverfest: The Prequel – The Potion Kings, The Boo Radley Project

Riverfest 2012 – Cuff the Duke, The Wooden Sky, Tony McManus, Lisa Bozikovic, The Boo Radley Project, Karis Tees, The Elora Acoustic Café, Howie Southwood (host)

Riverfest 2012 Updated Poster

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