Riverfest Elora is about more than just music. 2017 marks the fifth year for our Artisan Alley. We’ve gathered up an incredibly diverse range of local, fascinating art vendors for this year’s fest.

The Artisan Alley is nestled along the banks of the Grand River, to your immediate right when you walk in the Riverfest gates.

All of our artisans will be operating all three days of the festival from open to close. Our small-but-mighty Artisan Alley turns five this year! So make sure you come by Riverfest weekend, wish it a happy birthday and heck, buy a thing or two, why don’t you!

The Bridge Studio

  • pins, necklaces, earrings, platters, coasters, wall and window hangings, sculpture

Using glass as a medium, Heather Wood expresses her reaction to the world around her by using traditional glass painting techniques and a kiln to make both functional and non-functional work.

Walks through the woods, the news of the day or her interactions with man or beasts are sources of her imagery.

Double L Decor

  • concrete decor: planters with succulents or air plants, candles

Double L Decor creates unique and functional concrete home decor in Hamilton. They pair the natural textures with bold colours, metallics and shapes to make modern planters for any home.

They’re great for anyone who is succulent and air plant obsessed – and really, who isn’t? Their clean and modern look can fit into any space.

Fierce Deer

  • necklaces, earrings, bracelets, custom jewelry

Created by sister team Kate and Lana, Fierce Deer designs eclectic handmade jewelry in a little Toronto studio. We love geometric shapes, quartz crystals, antique charms, and creating hand-stamped pieces.

Fierce Deer is the product of a lot of hope, late nights, good friends, tiny cats, and an adventurous spirit.

Fred & Bean

  • List of goods to come!

Fred & Bean is a growing Canadian fashion label, taking upcycled to the next level. Using the coolest vintage and reclaimed materials and accessories to create timeless and edgy statement pieces, we’re making the most of what we already have.  

We’re one stop shop for that one of a kind look. Old man 70s meets your grandma’s couch with a conservative Canadian-bohemian fusion.


  • Take a guess … 100 per cent natural henna tattoos, henna supplies

Bhupi Rajput learned the art of henna while backpacking through a tiny village in Rajasthan, India 22 years ago. Her work has graced the skin of over 300 brides and their wedding parties, and thousands of event guests.

Bhupi draws upon the cultural teachings of her family, her upbringing in Africa and England, and her later worldwide travels for inspiration when she creates original designs and adapts pop culture symbols to her henna work.

Katie McLellan

  • Story stones, Stuffed Dudes, stitchy wear (satchels and tops), fabric wall collages

Organic in appearance, lyrical in nature, Katie allows the medium to tell a story. And what fun it is!

Using reclaimed materials where appropriate, she creates pieces which express humour and her appreciation of nature’s beauty.

Koka-Bora Creations

  • Writing instruments, wooden furniture, kitchenware, toys and games, home decor, longboards

Stefan Marinov is a self-taught woodworker who gained the majority of his knowledge through the trial and “terror” method. Experimentation has been a key to his success as he has always tried to push the boundaries and take on more challenging projects.

All wood is used in its natural state and colour leaving wood combinations up to the imagination.

kukucaju paintings on wood

  • Original paintings on wood, birch votives

kukucaju paintings on wood offers up a candy coloured world of childhood phantasms and shadowy storytelling. Both sweet and soured, playful and peculiar, the kukucaju aesthetic blends low tech art-making with the wide-eye naïvety of a child.

kukucaju draws from the often dark side of the imagination and aims to fuel the creative furnaces of young and old.

OUTPOST Vintage + Thrift

  • List of goods to come!

OUTPOST Vintage + Thrift is like stepping into your best buds closet. With a mix of vintage and thrifted pieces, everything is hand picked to taste, with an emphasis on fun colours, bold patterns and good quality fabrics.

A Weed Bit Natural: eco store

  • List of goods to come!

A Weed Bit Natural: eco-store is independently owned and family operated, touting the benefits of hemp and a natural lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.

Jodi and the crew are happy to be back at Riverfest once again, Marilyn’s little festival that could.

Wild Blue Yonder

  • Necklace pendants, earrings, tie clips, cuff links, rings

Amber Aasman began crafting jewelry from wood back in 2014, simply because she wanted a wood pendant and couldn’t find anything she liked. So she began experimenting with found wood, lichens, and epoxy resin.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, her jewelry is available in several stores across Canada, and is displayed regularly at events throughout the region. It’s her first year at Riverfest so drop on in and welcome her!

WildFlower All Natural Skin Care and Beauty

  • Beauty and bath balms, soaps, facial mists, bath salts, vegan makeup, lip balms, all natural deodorants, beard oils

WildFlower creates all natural, vegan, cruelty-free and paraben free skincare and beauty products as well as biodegradable soaps.

They have always loved using natural products but they found that even some products that say they are natural can be equally as harmful to you. This is why they started to create their own all natural skin care products which are full of only natural ingredients that your skin will love.

All of our artisan spots for 2017 are now full (wait list included!) but there are still more artists bios to come. Keep your eyes peeled!

Got any artisan questions? Fire off an email to Haydn, the handy Artisan Alley coordinator, at haydn@riverfestelora.com. See you in Bissell!