Kazoo! Fest presents: BRY WEBB (Guelph, ON)

Kazoo! Fest presents: BRY WEBB (Guelph, ON)

The Koop Tent Stage, 2:05-2:50 p.m.

“…he looks at things from a perspective that sheds a deeper light… It’s more poetry than play-by-play, but at the same time, he’s telling us really evident stories. And it all culminates into something you feel more than think about, which is a feat… His voice has an authority to it and I’ve always believed that he believes in what he’s singing.” – Feist

“Bry’s lyrics are like strings of knots: you apprehend them, slowly unravel them, couldn’t ever understand how they were tied. He is a man whose steady, ragged voice draws shapes in freehand …his music is gorgeous and occasionally terse, more ore than filigree. Bry rhymes and asks, with incredible poise.” – Sean Michaels, Author of Us Conductors

“Bry Webb asks you what you are connected to and what you have been connected to… Everyone at the bonfire threw in their ringing cell phones, animals chilled the f*#k out, and we all feel lucky to have him so close on this.” – Chad VanGaalen