DCF (Elora, ON)

DCF (Elora, ON)

Dine Alone Records Wax on Wheels Stage, 7:50-8:35 p.m.

DCF – aka, David Charles Fischer, isn’t afraid to love pop music. His affection for the genre inspired him to release his interpretations of some of the most recognizable millennial hits in a series of attention grabbing online mix tapes. While anchoring these tuneful samples with straight up honest lyrics and a wink to his trademark ironic “bad boy next door” persona, DCF started tapping into an online fan base of alternative music fans wondering if pop music actually is for them.

His instantly hummable mix tape offerings soon led to his first official release, 2014’s Pop Songs, an EP of original songs brimming with standout pop hooks, indelible melodies, and lyrics that flirt with less than sober twenty-something melancholy. The 26-year-old’s unique brand of neo-pop, has comfortably found a home somewhere between the sensibilities of Frank Ocean and the springy croon of Justin Timberlake, with a layer of undeniable Drake-confidence.

His live show has been packing Toronto clubs, with fans and friends eager to support their homegrown pop-prince and newcomers feeling like they’ve stumbled onto the tipping point of an artist about to drop. DCF loves pop music and you shouldn’t be afraid to love DCF.