DEBOER & JOËL (Toronto, ON/Elora, ON)

DEBOER & JOËL (Toronto, ON/Elora, ON)

Elora Legion, 11:15 p.m.

with Limestone Chorus

  • The Legion is at 110 Metcalfe St., Elora
  • Doors 11 p.m.
  • After Party tickets available here
  • 19+ only
  • Please remove your hats
  • Your after party ticket lets you hop around between all four venues downtown

Ontario natives DeBoer and Joël are two separate musicians in their own right, but have come together for this event to bring a truly contemporary sound.

DeBoer has found a way to combine his early roots in rock with his new found love of electronic music to craft a completely unique sound. Joël on the other hand is an artist who brings a new style into the world of R&B, with his mature writing paired with his powerful vocals to deliver impeccable productions.

Together these two bridge the gap between analog and digital for this collaborative performance.