GROOVA (Elora, ON)

GROOVA (Elora, ON)

GROOVA. The name of the band says it all. If you are looking for infectious funky grooves that will have you dancing on the outside, (not just the inside), GROOVA is your band.

GROOVA has been on the drawing board for seasoned musicians, Dean Workman (bassist) and Richard Hill (drummer) for a couple of years now. It was when they linked up with the young and energetic duo of Emmett Watters (guitarist from The Boo Radley Project) and Daley O’Keeffe as percussionist (drummer from The Boo Radley Project), GROOVA was born.

Rehearsals were cool and a lot of fun but something was missing. Enter Nick the Sax. Complementing the solid funky rhythm section and sweet jazz guitar sounds is the soulful Sax of Nick Lennox. The five piece band will help you “get your groove on”.


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June 13, 2014