Wreckless Eric, 12:15 a.m.

  • Wreckless Eric is at 90 Metcalfe St., Elora
  • Doors 12 midnight
  • After Party tickets available here
  • 19+ only
  • Your after party ticket lets you hop around between all four venues downtown

Hailing from Fergus, Ontario, Madison Galloway is a driven and talented multi-instrumentalist with a unique approach to her blend of pop, rock, and folk.

The 16-year-old songstress set out to translate her youthfulness and energy into fresh hooks and appealing melodies; inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell, to mention just a few. Her recent EP, “Who Knows Where”, features 5 original songs that flirt with country influences, while retaining Madison’s signature style and direct attitude.

As a live performer, Madison takes the stage with her guitar and harmonica either solo or accompanied by percussion and harmonies, and recently opened for 54-40 and The Sadies. Madison captures the ears and hearts of her audiences with an upbeat, emotionally exhilarating performance. She is able to sustain up to 3 hours of music because of her self-penned tracks, and the cover songs she re-arranges and performs in her own unique way.