Fergus Scottish Festival presents: PETER PIPER (Fergus, ON)

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Fergus Scottish Festival presents: PETER PIPER (Fergus, ON)

Main Stage

Who Is Peter Piper? Peter Piper will be bringing the main stage to life at the beginning of each day at Riverfest Elora 2017! Call it a call to arms or a great way to shake off the sleepies!

Peter started out being a renowned kilt maker for his business, Canadian Casual Kilts. He has always had a love for the bagpipes. As a birthday gift, his loving wife gave him lessons with a highly acclaimed, Grade 1 piper belonging to the 48th Highlanders of Canada, as well as The Guelph Pipe Band.

His teacher inspired him to push his skills to the limits with incredible precision and attention to detail. After several years, Peter joined the Fergus Pipe Band where he honed his skills playing alongside other pipers and performing in front of large audiences. Peter during this time developed his stage presence and natural ability to entertain. He brings forth an enthusiasm to his individual performances and a unique ability to make every event special.


To contact Peter Piper: kilted_pete@hotmail.com