THE BOTH with Aimee Mann & Ted Leo (Richmond, VA/Bloomfield, NJ)

THE BOTH with Aimee Mann & Ted Leo (Richmond, VA/Bloomfield, NJ)

Is The Both—the name given to the new collaboration between Aimee Mann and Ted Leo—a duo or a band? This seems like a critical philosophical question, and the answer is: Can’t it be both? Although these once-and-future solo artists are the only mainstays of the project and do more than their share of harmonizing, there is an overwhelming sense that the rock is strong with these two, which makes it difficult to relegate their galvanizing joint music to a terminology historically reserved for gentler guy/girl verse swappers.

“Honestly, I feel like for the first time I’m part of a rock band,” exults Mann—and that’s really saying something, given her history leading ‘Til Tuesday (and before that, Boston’s Young Snakes) as well as taking full coteries of musicians out on her solo tours. “I guess it really is just the two of us, but I think of it as a band, you know, like the Captain and Tennille were a band.”


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