THE GOOD FOR NAUGHTS (Guelph, ON/Kitchener, ON)

THE GOOD FOR NAUGHTS (Guelph, ON/Kitchener, ON)

The Good For Naughts are a folk rock and alt-country band with a focus on melody, harmony and smart song writing. But most important of all is the band’s desire to have an emotional impact on the listener. You should feel it, not just hear it.

The Good For Naughts was formed by songwriter and frontman James Murray. After graduating as the top student from the University of Guelph Honours Music Program and several years playing in Toronto based bands, James formed The Good For Naughts. With the addition of recording engineer and producer, Nick Iden, on guitar, local pro Mike Holtom on drums and Humber Music graduate Tim Smith on bass, the band recorded their self titled debut album in 2011. In 2013 The Good For Naughts won grant funding from the Waterloo Arts Council to record their sophomore album entitled “No Great War”.

We’re pleased as punch to have them at our closing night after party along with the Speakeasies.