Festival Map + Around Bissell

Download the map to your phone here!

Here's some other things to keep your eyes and ears on the look out for as you make your way around Bissell Park.


Tim Murton's Twilight Zoo monsters have been decorating the streets (and parks) of Elora each October for over a decade.

Each year, Tim adds to his menagerie with the help of volunteers who help to re-paper and gauze the creations. Featured on Martha Stewart's Halloween Special in 2011, these wire and paper sculptures attract visitors from far and wide to visit Elora's famous Monster Month.

Visitors to Riverfest will get a sneak peek inside Murton Woods with the now famed mystical toadstools and monstrous creations which dot the grounds of Bissell Park.


Local photographer Sophie Hogan will be showcasing dozens of her water protector portraits. The project is part of the town's fight against Nestle Waters and their purchase of the Middlebrook Well just outside of Elora. Protest efforts have been organized through several groups, including Save Our Water. 

Sophie has spent months photographing locals, young and old. The results are outstanding. Some are serious, others funny, but all will have you thinking about this community's relationship with water ... and introduce you to the faces of this community.

If you've been in town lately, you've likely seen a few of the portraits hanging up in store windows. Here's your chance to see almost all of them in one place. Look for Sophie's portraits lining the fences around the festival grounds. It's a strong message for those coming from out of town and may just be learning about the Nestle battle for the first time.


Backstage, when musicians let down their guard, the stories that follow are simply outstanding. Paula has been collecting the stories of Canadian musicians for years, from Jim Cuddy to Arcade Fire and every indie band in between, she’s amassed a worthy portfolio of stories told and lived. 

Celebrating the unique musicians that colour our Canadian landscape and pulling some of their best tales to the forefront, Tell Me Stories is a truly Canadian podcast.

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