Comfort food • Toronto, ON

The Born2eat team members are dedicated to bringing the best comfort food to Ontario. We are going strong, serving up healthy and tasty burgers, tacos and mac n' cheese balls throughout the GTA and surrounding neighborhoods. We may be a fast food truck but we are definitely not a junk food truck. We provide healthy food, comforting the soul, made in a hygienic environment. Our chef Ruben? He’s well trained and experienced with a strong passion for food. Before starting his own food truck, Born2eat, he always had a dream of providing not only traditional food but new trending food amongst the food truck industry. Simply put, "it's easy, if you know what you are doing."

Item list: B2E Burger, baos - Pork belly, braised beef & fish, quesadilla, fried chicken sandwich, pad Thai fried chicken

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