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Dine Alone stage area • Henna • Cambridge, ON

For the last 20 years Henna4You has provided the elegant artistry of henna temporary tattooing to wedding parties, showers, birthday parties, corporate events, and attendees of conventions, festivals, and community events including those thrown by City of Toronto, Fan Expo & Comicon, City of Waterloo, Toronto Argonauts, Gillette and the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Henna tattoos are freehand works of art that range from event-specific designs to traditional intricate motifs. Event attendees delight in the artistic expression of this chemical-free, semi-permanent body art on their day out. The art is appealing to people of all generations and cultures, and we take care to prepare henna paste that is completely natural, safe for all ages, sensitive skin, and allergies.

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