Peter Piper

Peter Piper is a local bagpiper who has been performing in the Elora Fergus community for many years at various events. He is also a competitive bagpiper. Presently, Peter is playing with the Guelph Pipe Band, who has been training heavily during the pandemic to prepare to compete in the World Bagpiping Championship in Glasgow in 2022. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with a newly formed group, "Sporran to be Wild", playing a mixture of traditional and non-traditional tunes.
  Peter has been playing the opening of Riverfest for 5 years now and has played with several acts. Notably, his dream became reality when he was able to take the stage with Rawlin's Cross and play MacPherson's Lament.
 Peter has been known to play non-traditional tunes on his pipes, bringing modern music to life in a different format.
 This year was challenging, but with some imagination and lots of technology, Peter was able to perform at a variety of celebrations. Every night at 7:30pm, Peter has been playing in support of frontline workers, Healthcare workers, Support workers, and Education Workers on his front porch live on CW Caremongering  on facebook. His plan is to continue until the pandemic is over.
Thanks Spencer also the pic was courtesy of Dan Fischer of Elora