RFE2022 • EXCUSE ME. (Guelph, ON)


Excuse Me is Adam Kuhrt, Aleks Liskauskas, Dylan Creed, Heyden Jennekens, and Jo Seymour; a five-piece alternative rock group formed at the University of Guelph in 2017. They started their journey practicing in a cramped bedroom, and now are living together with a home studio.

With close to five years of songwriting together, their goal is clear: to make art that speaks to people. Although they are considered an alternative band, Excuse Me’s music dips into a handful of different genres including folk, funk, pop and punk. 

Excuse Me has released 23 songs since its conception. This collection of music is comprised of an album and 3 EPs, which have gained over half a million streams across all platforms. Excuse Me has also collaborated with various artists and producers to create striking visuals, including a trilogy of music videos (Three Two Three Productions) and a filmed live session in a closed theatre (Good Company Productions).

Ultimately, Excuse Me wants to connect people across the world through their music, and are doing so one song at a time!


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