The Diner Mints are a two-piece indie rock/pop band from Elora formed in 2018 by best friends Caleb Smith-Young (lead vocals, guitar) and James Weaver (drums, trumpet). They have three EPs under their belt and most recently released a four-song EP titled "The Last Supper", full of upbeat, danceable songs sure to get you grooving. The Diner Mints write confessional, relatable songs with "The Last Supper" covering the ups and downs of Covid-19 quarantine life as a teenager/young adult.

Caleb and James have been studying music at post-secondary schools in different parts of the province. This, combined with Covid-19 lockdowns has made it difficult for The Diner Mints to perform, but they've found ways to make it work. In December of 2021, The Diner Mints accompanied The Sitters And The Makers, and Motel '67 at The Supermarket in Toronto. In the summer of 2021, they performed at Sugar Skulls Ice Cream in Elora, a highlight of the summer for both Caleb and James. Like many musicians during the pandemic The Diner Mints were forced online for live performances. In the spring of 2021, The Diner Mints, with some other local artists, organized an online Zoom concert to create a sense of community at a time when many people felt isolated.

The Diner Mints take various forms when it comes to their live performances, but whether performing as a duo, a full six-piece band, or anything in between, it’s sure to be an energy-filled event! The Diner Mints could not be more excited for the return of in-person music this summer and cannot wait to see all of you at Riverfest 2022!