TC Tibetan MoMo

MoMos • Toronto, ON

MoMos — hearty dumplings of simple dough wrapped around delectable fillings, served steamed or fried with spicy sauce — are probably Tibet’s best-known culinary export. In fact, momos are well-loved in many of the countries around the Himalayas, with countless variations in ingredients, appearance, and names. But especially in Tibet, momos are not just food; they are also symbols of festivity and celebration. They are served during important social occasions like marriages, New Year, and other special family gatherings. TC’s Tibetan MoMo, Serves Tibetan traditional dumplings all made with local, ingredients sourced directly from the Ontario farmers working alongside at several of Toronto’s farmers’ markets since 2013.

Item list: Ontario Beef MoMo, TC Vegan MoMo, Cheese Spinach MoMo, Chicken MoMo, and Vegan Pasta Noodles.